Home Gadgets 5 Very Good Causes To Help the Bluetti AC200 Moveable Energy Station on Indiegogo-Autopresse.eu

5 Very Good Causes To Help the Bluetti AC200 Moveable Energy Station on Indiegogo-Autopresse.eu

5 Very Good Causes To Help the Bluetti AC200 Moveable Energy Station on Indiegogo-Autopresse.eu

5 Very Good Causes To Help the Bluetti AC200 Moveable Energy Station on Indiegogo

2020-07-01 04:02:00

Even once we’re out tenting or going off the grid, we’re surrounded by numerous devices and gadgets. And when these gadgets lose energy, we discover. Sadly, we’re often left with little various however to powerful it out. 

To attend out energy outages, and to depart all our electronics behind whereas we’re on the street. Positive, which may be interesting to some folks. However most of us would not kill for just a few creature comforts even whereas roughing it within the woods. 

That is the place Bluetti is available in. A model based on over a decade of business expertise in clear energy era, they’ve simply kicked off an IndieGoGo campaign for an exciting new eco-friendly backup power system. Known as the Bluetti AC200, it’s clean, quiet, and packs an incredible punch, with the capacity to power up to 17 devices simultaneously with a total output of 2000 Watts and a capacity of 1700Wh.

That’s enough to power your entire kitchen, or charge up a Tesla for an eleven-mile drive.  

(Image credit: Bluetti)

The Bluetti AC200 is armed with an intelligent temperature-controlled cooling fan and features a built-in touchscreen interface that lets you both configure and monitor the generator. It’s chargeable in just a few hours via AC, solar, car, gas generator, or lead-acid battery. It’s all about which is the easiest option for you.

That said, solar is the recommended route. You can charge the AC200 to full in just three and a half hours via its 700 W (35-150V) solar input. And if you absolutely need to top up fast, you can even charge the power station via both solar and AC power simultaneously, which takes approximately two hours. 

If specs alone aren’t enough to convince you of this product’s merits, however, here are a few reasons we’re excited about it ourselves –  and why you should be too. 

Slash your electric bill

(Image credit: Bluetti)

Some of our most important appliances and devices are also some of the most notorious power hogs. Have you ever thought about how much a portable air conditioner, a refrigerator, a desktop PC, or even a laptop can jack up your electric bill?  You might be surprised

The Bluetti AC200 lets you worry less about those numbers. Its small form factor makes it ideal for use around the house, and it’s capable of powering a 150W refrigerator for approximately 13-26 hours or lighting for more than two days. In other words, put it wherever you’re using the most electricity – whether that’s your kitchen, den, or office.  

Provided you’re using solar power to recharge your power station, you can cut a considerable chunk off your monthly bill.

Go green

(Image credit: Bluetti)

Many portable or emergency power generators either rely on diesel fuel or offer very little in the way of battery capacity. The AC200 has no such shortcomings. Rather than having to maintain a noisy, high-maintenance machine that belches out pollutants with abandon, you’ll instead be able to rely upon solar energy.

You won’t be sacrificing efficiency in doing so, either. The AC200 takes only three and a half hours to charge fully via a 700W solar panel. In other words, if you’re looking to reduce your environmental footprint, this is the way to do so. 

Take the party on the road

(Image credit: Bluetti)

Because of its flexibility and portability, the AC200 makes for an incredible companion on camping trips, road trips, and festivals. You might bust out a sound system to spice up a tailgating party, spin up a portable air conditioner to keep your campsite cool in the summer, or set up your TV and PS4 for some gaming while you’re getting back to nature. 

Either way, it’s easy to bring with you wherever you go. This also makes it ideal for tradespeople, who may be going to sites where there’s not always a readily-available power hookup. Rather than having to fiddle around with extension cords or bulky generators, you can simply pop out the AC200 and hookup whatever tools you need to run. 

It’s also a great option for people living off the grid in a motor home or camper van thanks to a 12V 25A RV DC port. Rated at 12V/10 amps, it’s capable of charging car appliances such as tire pumps and car fridges for all your DIY needs. 

Count on quality

(Image credit: Bluetti)

Bluetti prides itself on excellence. That’s why the AC200 has a top-grade LG auto battery cell. Coupled with the power station’s built-in battery management system, this allows the power station to both maximize its battery life and protect your devices against overloading and overcharging. 

Beyond that, All AC200 Portable Power Stations are subjected to an incredibly strict quality control process. Before it’s released, each system undergoes more than 1,000 different tests and inspections to ensure they’re of the utmost quality. These tests include vibration, hot and cold shock, prolonged temperature, impact testing, accessory wire bending, and more. 

Protect what matters most

(Image credit: Bluetti)

Most personal medical devices such as CPAP machines have at least some built-in protections against power surges and power interruptions. With that said, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially if you’re planning to travel. Whether you’re treating sleep apnea or utilizing a home dialysis machine, you can rest assured that the AC200 will keep you powered up and online via a battery backup – and better yet, the quiet nature of the power system means you won’t need to worry about interrupting your sleep to do it.  

Enjoy an unbeatable price

Whether you’re a tailgater looking to add some excitement to their next party, a camper who wants some more creature comforts on their next trip, or simply a homeowner who wants to have power during a blackout, the AC200 Portable Power Station is a perfect choice. 

As you might expect, something like this doesn’t come cheap, retailing at approximately $1,800. We’ve saved the best for last, in that regard. If you back the product on IndieGoGo now, you can score a pretty cool discount while supplies last. 

Early Fowl Low cost

Again the product on IndieGoGo to get a terrific low cost (whereas provides final.)View Deal

In brief, not solely are you getting a revolutionary solar energy system that is quiet, clear, and environment friendly, you are getting it at an unimaginable low cost – what’s to not love?

Again the AC200 Moveable Energy Station on IndieGoGo

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