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Ten phrases to speak about chilly and moist climate like a real Spaniard-Autopresse.eu

Ten phrases to speak about chilly and moist climate like a real Spaniard-Autopresse.eu

Ten phrases to speak about chilly and moist climate like a real Spaniard

2021-01-12 11:04:02

January 2021 is popping out to be one of many coldest months in residing reminiscence for a lot of Spain, with the bottom ever temperature recorded within the Catalan Pyrenees (-34.1°C) and nearly half a metre of snow overlaying a lot of the nation. 

After Storm Filomena, a chilly snap is now set to ship temperatures down even additional for the approaching days.

Logically, all Spaniards are speaking about now’s how chilly it’s, so when you’re a Spanish language learner who needs to impress together with your command of cold-themed castellano, we’ve received you coated.

¡Hace un frío que pela!

It’s the commonest colloquial means of claiming that it’s very chilly in Spanish.

In essentially the most literal sense, it means ‘it’s so chilly that it peels’, an expression which most sources say dates again to 1950 when an expedition climbing the Annapurna massif within the Himalayas seen that the extraordinarily chilly temperatures have been making it very straightforward to peel the almonds they’d introduced as provisions.

¡Hace un frío de perros/de la ostia/de cojones/del carajo!

Listed below are only a few barely coarser alternate options to un frío que pela, all of which roughly translate to ‘rattling chilly’ in US English or ‘bloody chilly’ in UK’ English.

However don’t fear, as with most Spanish swearwords, you’ll be capable to use them in most social contexts with out anybody batting an eyelid.

Within the literal sense, they imply ‘it’s canine chilly’, it’s sacramental bread chilly’, it’s ‘as chilly as balls’ and ‘it’s f*cking chilly’.

¡Qué rasca!

For these of you questioning what rascar (to scratch in Spanish) has to do with the chilly, it’s really an official noun to check with frost or chilly climate.

So saying ¡Que rasca! or hace rasca gained’t be met by any bemused stares, it’s simply one other technique to say that it’s very chilly.

¡Hace más frío que pelando rábanos!

Right here’s one for our readers in Andalusia, a regional expression which suggests ‘it’s so chilly you may peel radishes’, which once more means ‘it’s very chilly’.

Spaniards actually appear to note their meals peeling when the temperature drops.

Estoy helado/a or Estoy congelado/a

These are two easy methods of claiming that you simply specifically are so chilly that you simply’re frozen. Keep in mind -o on the finish of the adjective when you’re a person, and -a when you’re a girl.

Should you’re shivering, it’s also possible to say estoy tiritando. Funnily sufficient it’s also possible to say titiritando (with two ‘tis’), a real onomatopoeic model which imitates the shivering.

Nueve meses de invierno y tres de infierno

Right here’s a Spanish climate proverb for our readers residing in Spain’s inside, which interprets as ‘9 months of winter, 3 months of hell’.

Technically it refers back to the harsh variations in local weather in Spain’s Castille areas, but when your a part of Spain has bitter chilly winters and scorching scorching summers, this saying is unquestionably suited to you.

Picture: Myriam Images/Pixabay

¡Está cayendo la del pulpo!

That is maybe the weirdest expression on our unhealthy climate record. It actually means ‘the octopus’s one is falling’ nevertheless it’s used to say that it’s raining cats and canines.

The origin of this Spanish saying is simply as weird because it refers back to the act of bashing the octopus to melt its pores and skin earlier than cooking it.

You may as well say va a caer la del pulpo when you’re predicting that it’s going to rain very closely, though there’s nothing to counsel that it may’t be used as properly if there’s a snow blizzard.

¡Llueve a cántaros!

This expression is an equally frequent technique to say that it’s raining very closely.

A cántaro is a jug or pitcher in Spanish, a bit like saying it’s bucketing down in English.

It’s additionally doable to say llueve a mares, with mares that means seas, one other means of claiming that quite a lot of water is coming down from the sky. 

Año de nieves, año de bienes

Right here’s a Spanish proverb you should use to speak about all of the snow that’s fallen not too long ago. It implies that a 12 months that begins off with snow shall be one with loads of items.

As with earlier Spanish sayings in regards to the chilly, it has its origins in meals and agriculture, as in medieval Spain a 12 months with loads of snow would hold the bottom moist and permit crops to develop.

These days it’s come to imply {that a} 12 months with quite a lot of snow shall be a fortunate one.

Al mal tiempo, buena cara

Right here’s a fantastic Spanish proverb to finish this record with. It may very well be translated as that means ‘when confronted with unhealthy climate, placed on a courageous face’.

Simple for Spaniards to say with their 300 days of sunshine yearly 🙂 .  


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