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Will New COVID Vaccine Make You Transhuman?-Autopresse.eu

Will New COVID Vaccine Make You Transhuman?-Autopresse.eu

Will New COVID Vaccine Make You Transhuman?

2020-09-12 05:00:00

Two years in the past, in October 2018, Forbes contributor Neil Sahota, a United Nations synthetic intelligence adviser and UC Irvine professor, warned that transhumanism is quick approaching — possible sooner than you assume.1

“Prior to now few years, there was appreciable dialogue across the thought we’re slowly merging with our know-how, that we have gotten transhuman, with up to date talents, together with enhanced intelligence, power, and consciousness,” Sahota writes.

The purpose of the transhumanist motion, or “Human 2.0,” is to transcend biology into know-how. Or, as Dr. Carrie Madej explains within the video above, to meld human biology with know-how and synthetic intelligence.

Two seen proponents of transhumanism are Ray Kurzweil (director of engineering at Google since 2012) and Elon Musk (founding father of SpaceX, Tesla and Neuralink).

Standing on the Crossroads of Transhumanism

In response to Madej, proper now, right this moment, we could also be standing on the literal crossroads of transhumanism, because of the quick approaching launch of a number of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

Lots of the COVID-19 vaccines currently being fast-tracked will not be standard vaccines. Their design is geared toward manipulating your very biology, and due to this fact have the potential to change the biology of the complete human race.

Standard vaccines prepare your physique to acknowledge and reply to the proteins of a explicit virus by injecting a small quantity of the particular viral protein into your physique, thereby triggering an immune response and the event of antibodies.

This will not be what occurs with an mRNA vaccine. The idea behind these vaccines is that once you inject the mRNA into your cells, it would stimulate your cells to manufacture their very own viral protein.2 The mRNA COVID-19 vaccine would be the first of its form. No mRNA vaccine has ever been licensed earlier than. And, so as to add insult to harm, they’re forgoing all animal security testing.

Madej critiques a number of the background of sure people taking part within the race for a COVID-19 vaccine, which embody Moderna co-founder Derrick Rossi, a Harvard researcher who efficiently reprogrammed stem cells utilizing modified RNA, thus altering the operate of the stem cells. Moderna was based on this idea of with the ability to modify human organic operate by way of genetic engineering, Madej says.

Aspect Results Ought to Be Anticipated

As talked about, the mRNA vaccines are designed to instruct your cells to make the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, the glycoprotein that attaches to the ACE2 receptor of the cell. That is the primary stage of the two-stage course of viruses use to realize entry into cells.

The concept is that by creating the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, your immune system will mount a response to it and start producing antibodies to the virus. Nonetheless, as reported by The Vaccine Response, researchers have pointed out potential weaknesses:3

In response to researchers at College of Pennsylvania and Duke College, mRNA vaccines have potential questions of safety, together with native and systemic irritation and stimulation of auto-reactive antibodies and autoimmunity, in addition to improvement of edema (swelling) and blood clots.4

Systemic irritation, auto-reactive antibodies and autoimmune issues will not be insignificant considerations. In truth, these are largely why earlier makes an attempt to create a coronavirus vaccine have ALL failed.

Over the previous 20 years, coronavirus vaccine analysis has been tormented by one constant opposed consequence particularly, specifically paradoxical immune enhancement. That is brought on by the indisputable fact that coronaviruses produce two several types of antibodies — neutralizing antibodies5 that combat the an infection, and binding antibodies6 (also called nonneutralizing antibodies) that can’t stop viral an infection.

Incapable of stopping viral an infection, binding antibodies can as a substitute set off paradoxical immune enhancement. What which means is that it seems good till you get the illness, after which it makes the illness far worse than it might have been in any other case. As detailed in my interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., in a single coronavirus vaccine trial utilizing ferrets, all of the vaccinated animals died when uncovered to the precise virus.

In response to Madej, animal research have additionally discovered the kind of mRNA know-how launched with this vaccine can enhance the danger of most cancers and mutagenesis (gene mutations).

What You Must Know Concerning the Supply System

Madej goes on to debate how this mRNA vaccine goes to be administered. Moderately than a standard injection, the vaccine can be administered utilizing a microneedle platform. Not solely can or not it’s mass produced rapidly, however it may also be administered by anybody. It’s as easy at attaching an adhesive bandage to your arm.

The adhesive aspect of the bandage has rows of tiny microneedles and a hydrogel base that comprises luciferase enzyme and the vaccine itself. Due to their tiny measurement, the microneedles are mentioned to be practically painless when pressed into the pores and skin.

The concept is that the microneedles will puncture the pores and skin, delivering the modified artificial RNA into the nucleus of your cells. RNA is basically coding materials that your physique makes use of. On this case, as talked about, the directions are to provide the SARS-CoV-2 viral protein.

The issue with all of this, Madej notes, is that they’re utilizing a course of known as transfection — a course of used to create genetically modified organisms. She factors out that analysis has confirmed GMO foods will not be as wholesome as standard unmodified meals. The query is, may we additionally turn out to be much less wholesome?

“Vaccine producers have acknowledged that this won’t alter our DNA, our genome,” Madej says. “I say that’s not true. As a result of if we use this course of to make a genetically modified organism, why would it not not do the identical factor to a human? I don’t know why they’re saying that.

If you happen to take a look at the definition of transfection, it would let you know that it may be a brief change within the cell. And I feel that’s what the vaccine producers are banking on.

Or, it’s a chance for it to turn out to be secure, to be taken up into the genome, and to be so secure that it’s going to begin replicating when the genome replicates. Which means it’s now a everlasting a part of your genome. That’s an opportunity that we’re taking. It may very well be momentary, or it may very well be everlasting.”

Patentable DNA, Luciferase and Nanotechnology

Naturally, we received’t discover out the reality about whether or not the vaccine causes a brief or everlasting change for a few years after the experimental vaccine is launched, and that’s an essential piece of data.

Why? As a result of artificial genes will be patented. So, if inserting an artificial RNA finally ends up creating everlasting modifications within the genome, people will include patentable genes. What is going to that imply for us, seeing how patents have house owners, and house owners have patent rights?

One other a part of the supply system that raises its personal set of questions is using the enzyme luciferase, which has bioluminescent qualities. Whereas invisible below regular circumstances, utilizing a cellphone app or particular machine, it is possible for you to to see a glowing vaccination mark.

As described within the journal RSC Advances7 in 2015, luciferase gene-loaded quantum dots “can effectively ship genes into cells.” The summary discusses their use as “self-illuminating probes for hepatoma imaging,” however the truth that quantum dots can ship genetic materials is attention-grabbing in itself.

The hydrogel, in the meantime, is a DARPA invention that entails nanotechnology and nanobots. This “bioelectronic interface” is a part of how the vaccination mark will be capable to connect with your smartphone, Madej says, offering details about blood sugar, coronary heart price and any variety of different organic information.

“It has the potential to see nearly something that goes on in your physique,” Madej says. This may have instant ramifications for our privateness, but nobody has but addressed the place this info can be going. Who will gather and have entry to all this information? Who can be accountable for defending it? How will or not it’s used?

Additionally, in case your cellphone can obtain info out of your physique, what info can your physique obtain from it, or different sources? Might transmissions have an effect on our temper? Our habits? Our bodily operate? Our ideas or reminiscences?

Stepping Into Transhumanist Territory

In his Forbes article,8 Sahota quotes Kurzweil’s ebook “The Singularity Is Close to: When People Transcend Biology,” through which Kurzweil states:

“The Singularity will symbolize the end result of the merger of our organic considering and existence with our know-how, ensuing in a world that’s nonetheless human however that transcends our organic roots.”

If Madej seems to be appropriate, and the mRNA vaccine ushers within the potential to change not solely our genes but in addition opens the door for nanotechnology-driven interfacing between our our bodies and programmable know-how, aren’t we in truth stepping over the road into transhuman territory?

The Truthstream Media video above discusses the bigger problems with transhumanism and the race to merge man with machine and synthetic intelligence. There are even ongoing makes an attempt to add the human thoughts into the cloud, finally making a type of “digital hive thoughts” the place everybody communicates through “Wi-Fi telepathy.” This, regardless of the reality we nonetheless don’t totally perceive what “the thoughts” truly is, or the place it’s situated.

Neuralink — A Psychiatric Catastrophe within the Making?

One other transhumanist that has lately introduced us to a brand-new precipice is Elon Musk, together with his newest enterprise, Neuralink, described within the video presentation given in late August, above. Neuralink is a transcranial implant that makes use of direct present stimulation. For now, the machine is geared toward serving to folks with mind or spinal accidents.

In the end, the purpose is to merge the human mind with computer systems. I’ve robust reservations about this. There’s super room for unintended psychological and psychiatric penalties. In an interview that I did with psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin that has not but been printed, he mentioned his considerations with this know-how, saying:

“What’s attention-grabbing to me is that whereas Musk is so sensible, he is silly concerning the mind. That is in all probability as a result of the neurosurgeons and psychiatrists he consults are silly concerning the mind. I imply they’re simply silly.

He desires to place in a number of threadlike electrodes into the mind, into webs of neurons, and put in low voltage stimulation. That is insane. The mind cannot tolerate this. He hopes to [be able to] talk however there’s not going to be any communication.

The mind is not going to speak to those electrodes. That is not how the mind works. The mind talks to itself. It isn’t going to speak to Elon Musk [or anyone else] and he will disrupt the mind speaking to itself. It is a horrible factor to do.

I want any person who is aware of Elon Musk would say, ‘You ought to speak to Peter Breggin. He says your consultants are silly.’ He is already planning to attempt to get FDA approval for some neurological issues and that’ll be the starting of the onslaught.”

Is Transhumanism Inevitable?

Getting again to the mRNA vaccines, time will inform simply how hazardous they find yourself being. Clearly, if the modifications find yourself being everlasting, the prospect of long-term negative effects is way larger than in the event that they find yourself being momentary.

In a worst-case situation, no matter modifications happen may even be generational. The issue is these points received’t be readily obvious any time quickly. In my view, this vaccine may simply flip into a world disaster the likes of which we’ve by no means skilled earlier than.

We actually shouldn’t be fast to dismiss the concept these vaccines might trigger everlasting genetic modifications, as a result of we now have proof that even standard vaccines have the flexibility to try this, they usually don’t contain the insertion of artificial RNA.

Quick-Tracked Swine Flu Vaccine Prompted Genetic Alterations

After the H1N1 swine flu of 2009, the ASO3-adjuvanted swine flu vaccine Pandemrix (a fast-tracked vaccine utilized in Europe however not within the U.S. throughout 2009-2010) was causally linked9 to childhood narcolepsy, which abruptly skyrocketed in a number of international locations.10,11

Kids and teenagers in Finland,12 the U.Okay.13 and Sweden14 have been among the many hardest hit. Additional analyses discerned an increase in narcolepsy amongst adults who obtained the vaccine as properly, though the hyperlink wasn’t as apparent as that in kids and adolescents.15

A 2019 examine16 reported discovering a “novel affiliation between Pandemrix-associated narcolepsy and the non-coding RNA gene GDNF-AS1” — a gene thought to control the manufacturing of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic issue or GDNF, a protein that performs an essential function in neuronal survival.

In addition they confirmed a powerful affiliation between vaccine-induced narcolepsy and a sure haplotype, suggesting “variation in genes associated to immunity and neuronal survival might work together to extend the susceptibility to Pandemrix-induced narcolepsy in sure people.”

Along with that, there’s the analysis17 exhibiting that the H1N1 swine flu vaccine was one among 5 inactivated vaccines that elevated general mortality, particularly amongst ladies. A swine flu article I wrote 11 years ago, in 2009, turned out to have a quite prophetic warning on the finish:

The swine flu vaccine has not been examined for security or efficacy, however we DO know it would include dangerous components. The selection, to me, is apparent. And sooner or later, anytime a brand new ‘pandemic’ seems and officers urge you to hurry out and get a shot, please bear in mind this text and ask your self if it’s actually you who stands to profit from their recommendation.”

The Swine Flu Fraud of 1976

We will additionally study from the swine flu fiasco of 1976, detailed on this 1979 “60 Minutes” episode. Fearing a repeat of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, “the federal government propaganda machine cranked into motion,” “60 Minutes” says, telling all Individuals to get vaccinated.

In response to “60 Minutes,” 46 million Individuals have been vaccinated towards the swine flu at the moment. Over the subsequent few years, hundreds of Individuals filed vaccine harm claims with the federal authorities.18 As reported by Smithsonian Journal in 2017:19

“Within the spring of 1976, it appeared like that yr’s flu was the actual factor. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t, and rushed response led to a medical debacle that hasn’t gone away.

‘A number of the American public’s hesitance to embrace vaccines — the flu vaccine particularly — will be attributed to the long-lasting results of a failed 1976 marketing campaign to mass-vaccinate the general public towards a pressure of the swine flu virus,’ writes Rebecca Kreston for Uncover.

‘This government-led marketing campaign was broadly considered as a debacle and put an irreparable dent in future public well being initiative, in addition to negatively influenced the general public’s notion of each the flu and the flu shot on this nation.’”

A 1981 report by the U.S. Normal Accounting Workplace to Sen. John Durkin, D-N.H., reads, partially:20

“Earlier than the swine flu program there have been comparatively few vaccine-related claims made towards the Authorities. Since 1963, Public Well being Service data confirmed that solely 27 non-swine flu claims have been filed.

Nonetheless, as of December 31, 1979, we discovered that 3,839 claims and 988 lawsuits had been filed towards the Authorities alleging harm, dying, or different harm ensuing from the 45 million swine flu immunizations given below this system.

A Justice official informed us that as of October 2, 1980, 3,965 claims and 1,384 lawsuits had been filed. Of the three,965 claims filed, the Justice official mentioned 316 claims had been settled for about $12.Three million …”

The devastating negative effects of the Pandemrix vaccine needs to be instructive. Nobody anticipated a flu vaccine to have genetic penalties, but it did. Now they’re proposing injecting mRNA to make each single cell in your physique produce the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

It appears outright silly to not assume there can be vital penalties. Maybe even transhumanistic ones? The 1976 swine flu hoax is equally instructive, in that it demonstrates the lengthy historical past of mass vaccination campaigns inflicting much more hurt than good.

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